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Seven-year-old girl raped and killed

KARACHI:A seven-year-old girl was found dead after being raped on Friday. The deceased was found from a street located in Block-19, Al-Noor Society within the jurisdiction of Samanabad police station. Her body was wrapped in a paper bag and her hands and legs were tied with a cloth. The deceased was a resident of KBR Society, Sector 16, Buffer Zone within the limits of Taimoria police station; she went missing at 12:05 pm after she left her house to buy sweets.

After the passage of two hours, she was found dead when the area people informed the police. The police revealed that after being kidnapped, the girl was raped at an unknown place; the culprit also tortured and strangled her to death.

The police believe that the area people or a relative of the deceased might be behind the incident. The deceased was the second oldest out of four siblings and was a student of grade two. A case has been registered in the Taimoria police station.

Three killed in separate incidents: Three people were killed in separate incident in different parts of the city on Friday.

Unidentified men resorted to indiscriminate firing at a teashop located in Liaqutabad no 10 in the early hours of Friday and managed to flee the scene. Alam Khan, 38, was killed in the incident while his younger brother Saleem Khan was injured. The police revealed that both the victims were taken to the hospital where doctors pronounced the death of Alam and said that Saleem was in a critical condition.

In another incident, Anwar Shehzad Bhatti, 35, was killed at his house in the Christian Mohalla, Bihar Colony within the limits of the Peerabad police station. Police officials said that around six men broke into Bhatti’s house and killed him; the police suspect that the culprits were trying to rob Bhatti.

Meanwhile, Mehboob Ali Butt, 28, received serious bullet wounds and died at a hospital when unidentified gunmen shot him at Ghousia Chowk, Agra Taj Colony within the jurisdiction of Methadar police station.
Source: Daily Times