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Robbers ‘gang-rape’ girl in Peshawar

PESHAWAR, April 19: A 14-year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped by robbers at Tehkal Bala in the small hours of Sunday.

The local police claimed that they had referred the alleged victim for medical examination to the Khyber Medical College and the chemical examination report was expected on Monday.

“We can’t say anything with confirmation and everything would be cleared after we receive the medical examination report,” said an official at Tehkal police station.

Residents of the area told journalists that police had been trying to create doubts about the case as the robbery was committed by around eight persons whereas police told the victim’s father to record the number of offenders as 25.

A resident of the area said that the victim family resided in a one-room house where even 25 persons could not enter. He added that by twisting basic facts police created suspicion about the case.

An official at the police station said that father of the alleged victim had lodged a complaint stating that around 25 armed persons entered his residence after midnight at around 1.30 am on Sunday.

The complainant stated that some of the robbers were carrying Kalashnikovs. He stated that they took away Rs199,000, one tola of gold ornament and two cellular phones.

He stated that some of the robbers sexually abused his 14-year-old daughter. An official at the Khyber Teaching Hospital told Dawn that they had sent the girl to the gynecology unit where relevant swabs would be taken and sent to the Forensic Science department of the Khyber Medical College. He added that the said department would conduct chemical examination and forward the report to them.

Meanwhile, in a broad daylight robbery some robbers looted a commission agent at the local fruit market and decamped with Rs3 million after injuring one of his servants near Bilal Town.

It is learnt that over a dozen armed persons entered the office of a commission agent, Haji Waheed, and at gunpoint snatched money from the staffers present there. When one of the staffers resisted they also fired at him resulting in inflicting injuries on him.

Following the occurrence the enraged shopkeepers and local people staged a protest demonstration and also blocked the road. After assurance by the police that the culprits would be arrested the protesters dispersed.
Source: Dawn