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Rejection of DNA test by CII

Rejection of DNA test by CII

ACCORDING to the recommendation of the Council of Islamic Ideology, DNA tests are unacceptable evidence of rape cases.

It sparks debate in the world particularly in Pakistan about the credibility of the Council.

The recommendations for the DNA tests are unacceptable: it is, in fact, in support of the rapists.

In many countries, Muslim and non-Muslim, including Egypt and the US, DNA tests have been acceptable as a valid evidence for rape cases.

The recommendation is an illogical suggestion. The DNA test is a scientific method, hardly anyone raises questions against the DNA test. The Council of Islamic Ideology maintains that the DNA test can be accepted as secondary evidence in the rape case, but not as primary evidence.

Dr Javeed Gamidi, a Lahore-based religious scholar, rightly said the DNA test is a valid test and acceptable as evidence of the rape case. There is no question of primary and secondary evidence.

Rationally speaking, rejecting DNA tests as evidence of rape case is in favour of the rapists, thus hiding the crime. In Islam hiding any crime is also liable to punishment. By rejecting the DNA test as evidence of rape case, the CII is abetting the rapists indirectly.

Secondly, in a country where fake medical reports, bribe, and political influences are a common thing how can a victim produce four witnesses?

The DNA is a universal truth. A witness can tell a lie under threat or force, but not the DNA. As everyone has a unique fingerprint, everyone has a unique DNA.

Perpetrators can be identified in a short span of time i.e within 48 hours to 72 hours. Therefore, denying quick and inexpensive justice to the victim is against human rights.

The Council of Islamic Ideology should reconsider its the recommendation.



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