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Raped for being opposition’s polling agent

A resident of Kunri, Umerkot, who was subjected to rape by five men in February last year, has arrived in Karachi seeking justice.

Nadira Parveen was raped as a punishment for serving as a polling agent of the opposition party against Taluka Nazim Mohammad Jam Memon. After a suo moto action taken by the Supreme Court in which Jam Memon was proven guilty and Nadira’s case was forwarded to former IG Sindh Jehangir Mirza who on March 3, 2007 assured her family of protection within three days.

“It has been over a month now and the IG did not call back or lodge an FIR against my rapists,” said Nadira during a press conference on Monday. “To escape persecution I am living in Hyderabad with my three daughters in a house provided to me by an NGO but I cannot be away from home and the rest of my family forever,” she said.

On July 19, 2006 her alleged rapists Rizwan, Iqbal Memon, Khalid Mehmood, Safdar Iqbal and Asif Ali also attempted to abduct her because she refused to withdraw her complaint. “Even after cross-examining by the defence counsel Jam Memon was proven guilty. I don’t understand even when the police had evidence from the court what is preventing them from pursuing my case,” said Nadira.

She alleged that the Nazim also accused her of having an illicit relations with the men accused in the case. “After this accusation he instead stands guilty of Qazf too for which he should be punished according to the law but the court has ignored the issue. She complained that her three daughters have also missed an entire academic session because they have been with her.

One of her neighbours, Mohammed Khalid, however, alleges that Jan Mohammad Memon is not being arrested due to his political influence. “His son, Dost Mohammad Memon is an adviser to CM, which is perhaps why the police are hushing up her case,” he disclosed.

Nadira’s application was also forwarded to District Police Officer (DPO) Umerkot whom she tried to meet but to no avail. At the police stations we are being told that her case files have been misplaced. None of the police officers are answering our calls, we have done everything possible, it is the government’s responsibility to provide Nadira with security now,” said Khalid.

Source: The News