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Rape accused try to abduct girl for filing complaint against them

Beenish said that she was locked in a room for six days and raped by the four men.

MUZAFFARGARH: An 18-year-old girl, who was allegedly gang raped in Muzaffargarh said that her rapists had attacked her again after she filed a case.

According to police officials, a group of armed men allegedly abducted an 18-year-old girl and held her in illegal confinement and raped her. They attempted to kidnap her again after learning that she had filed a case against them.

Police officials have not yet arrested the accused.

According to Ghalwaan Police, the incident occurred several days ago when Tehsil Alipur resident Zahir Hassan’s daughter Beenish Fatma was allegedly abducted by Saleem, Zubair, Tauseef and Saad after the accused called her out of the house. “They asked to see my father and when I went outside to tell them he wasn’t home they kidnapped me,” Beenish told reporters.

Beenish said that she was locked in a room for six days and raped by the four men. “I was released two days ago and they threatened me. One of them was dressed in police uniform and he said that if I tried to file a case they would kill me,” she said.

On Saturday, Beenish registered a case against the accused with Alipur City police. “The police tried to force me and my family into mediation.

First they tried to get me to take back the case and they completely denied any involvement of a police official,” she said.

Beenish said that after she had filed the case and left the police station, her rapists were waiting for her at the corner of the street. “They tried to abduct me again and got me to sign some blank documents,” she said. “Some people saw what happened and chased after them but they managed to escape,” she added. “They hit me and tore my clothes in the street but I was lucky that some people hurried to help me,” she said.

Beenish and her family filed another case against the accused and have appealed for police protection. Zahir Hassan said that the police was not investigating the accused because they were well connected. “They have given us protection but they are still trying to get us to drop the case. They kept telling my daughter that she wouldn’t be safe until she dropped the case,” Hassan said.

Source: The Express Tribune