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Rally against teenage girl’s rape in Lyari

Karachi: The Baloch Human Rights Organisation (BHRO) staged a rally in front of the Karachi Press Club on Sunday afternoon against the rape of a 14-year-old girl in Lyari allegedly by people associated with the gang war. A large number of women and girls participated in the rally.

According to the BHRO, the girl was raped by armed thugs at a house on Gul Mohammad Lane on October 7. Her elder sister had to escape through a window and take refuge in a neighbour’s house.

The girl was kidnapped by thugs, raped and then thrown in the lane in an unconscious condition, and she was later taken to the hospital by area residents.

The agitating crowd said that when the neighbourhood people tried to get an FIR registered with the Rangers, they refused to lodge it.

They alleged that the Sindh government was patronising the gangsters who had been committing crimes and killings in Lyari and other Baloch dominated areas.

They pointed out that previously some Baloch women had been attacked by bombs in the Jhat Pat Market, Lyari. But now, the incidents of kidnapping and rape of women and even children were taking place frequently.

They said the situation had created fear and anxiety among Baloch women, alleging that the gang war thugs used to roam with Rangers in broad daylight.

They appealed to the Supreme Court to take suo moto action against the rape of the girl.

They also appealed to the Asian Human Rights for Women and Child Rights, International Women Development and International Alliance of Women to take notice of the gory incident.

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