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‘Ragniyan’ enthralls art lovers

By: Ahtesham Azhar

KARACHI: The Art Scene Gallery organised a solo painting exhibition titled ‘Ragniyan’ by renowned artist Khalid Saeed Butt based on love memories, the other day.

On the inauguration day, a large number of citizens, including artists and art lovers swarmed the event and enjoyed the exhibit of at least 19 paintings by the artist.

One of his untitled paintings showed a woman perching on a tree branch and looking towards a colourful peacock, which was standing at a nearby tree. The painting portrayed that the woman was enjoying her love memories and thinking about her life partner while looking at the peacock. Khalid painted the scene with very soft hands, besides perfectly using his artistic skills. He used different dark colours to express the message behind his art.

Another painting, portraying a group of rural women engaged in leisurely activities, thus showcasing the beautiful moments of
village life.

The paining showed four women sitting near a lake. They all were enjoying and doing chit chat, while one of them was not mentally present there, as
her attention was towards nearby a peacock.

The woman had decorated herself with jewellry and makeup. Khalid, through this art piece, tried to express that sometimes a woman feels her husband or paramour’s absence even in her friends gathering.

Another painting was of a village couple, sitting on the trunk of tree. The girl’s partner was trying to grab her attention, but she was not mentally present, or perhaps not enjoying the moment as she was looking towards a peacock, who was sitting at branch of
a nearby tree.

Butt in strong medium, attempted to express that sometimes, a woman starts seeking something else, even in the presence of her love.

Similarly, another painting was about one more village woman, wherein the painter captured the picture of woman crossing the drain with a earthen water-pot, with the help of her husband. It was a general picture of the love birds, which can be easily witnessed in villages.

In the same way, another painting was also about love birds enjoying the romantic moments with each other.

Talking to Daily Times, Khalid said that he completed all the work in one-and-half-a-year period. He said: “My first preference is beauty in my work. I always try to include language of symbols in my paintings, so that everyone could understand my meaning easily.”

It has always been difficult to convey your full meanings in subtle and very delicate means, but at the same time, only subtle and delicate means can do it.

Free flowing lines, opaque and transparent layers of water based tinges and diminutive scales are what the miniature painting is all about.

Since ages, this form of painting has been best suited for the illustrated works, either they were to explain through the whole scriptures of celestial books or through the mystifying dictum of mythological concepts.

“I have explored the depth of minuscule lines of miniature style and tried to apply it on surfaces. I am setting free, these playful lines, on the vast of large canvases. However, the lavishness of colours, the curvature of female body and the stature of the male figure, are of the same nature as it was encaged on the small scale,” he said.

The artist uses ‘vasli’ as a medium: a thick paper made with 3 or 4 layers of paper itself.

The exhibition will continue until March 16, 2013.

Source: Daily Times