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Protest over ‘missing’ Hindu woman

HYDERABAD: Demonstrators including members of the Hindu community took out a procession here on Saturday in protest against the disappearance of a poor Hindu woman and her two children.

Carrying banners and placards, the protesters, including women and children, marched from the Hyderabad SP intersection to the press club.

They said that the woman and her two children had been missing since July 12.

They said that Sundri Bagri, wife of Nand Lal, along with her eight-year-old son Sani Dewal and 12-year-old daughter Sahiba Bagri, was coming back to her house in Ghangra Mori in Hyderabad after meeting her sister in Karan Khan Shoro village in Jamshoro district when she was believed to have been kidnapped by someone from the main road of Jamshoro.

The Jamshoro and Hyderabad police were informed about the incident, but they did not pay any attention to the complaint, they added. They said all hospitals were checked and all relatives of Ms Bagri were asked about her whereabouts, but no clue to her disappearance was found, they added.

They said that Ms Bagri belonged to poor and labourers family and had no enmity with anybody.

The protesters expressed the apprehension that the victims might had been picked up so that they could be used as bonded labourers somewhere in the interior of Sindh.

They said that Ms Bagri was a housewife and her husband Nand Lal worked as a peasant in farms near Ghangra Mori.

They said that landlords of Sindh were usurping rights of peasants and farmers as the latter were being maltreated while they worked in the fields for hours.

Peasants belonging to the Hindu community were being deprived of their basic rights and they had been made slaves, they claimed. They said that farmers totally depended on landlords who pocketed all profits of crops and did not give due share to farmers.

They staged a protest sit-in outside the press club for two hours and blocked one side of the road and threatened that if the missing persons were not recovered, they would stage a protest across Sindh.

The protest organised by the Pakistan Human Rights Forum was led by Pakistan Human Rights Forum chairman Mehboob Sangi, relatives of the missing persons, including Mohan Bagri, Nand Lal and others, members of minority communities and representatives of civil society organisations.


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