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Proof of maternity: Who’s your mummy?

Police orders DNA test for female constable’s toddler after couple claims she stole their son a year ago.

SIALKOT: A DNA test will be conducted to settle a custody dispute that involves a female police Constable, Munazza Batool to confirm the maternity.

According to police officials, a couple accused the female police constable of kidnapping the child from the gynaecology ward of Government Allama Iqbal Memorial DHQ Hospital last year.

The Pasrur-based family said that several hospital officials had identified the constable as the one who ‘stole’ the baby.

“We have been asking around for a year but now that we’ve finally traced her. The woman is not even married so this isn’t her child,” said Tariq Mehmood.

He accused the police of “stalling the investigation”.

Superintendent Police — Investigation, Nasir Muneef Qureshi, told reporters that Sialkot police had no other option but to order a DNA test. “There are two women claiming to be the mother of the child. After the lapse of one year since the incident took place, I cannot rely solely on an eye witness. So we have ordered a DNA test,” he added.

Tariq Mehmood, the Muhallah Khokharaan-based trader, claimed that Munazza Batool had stolen his newborn son with the help of a staff nurse and Batool’s sister, Sadaf on August 16, 2010 when he had gone to fetch water for his wife Surayya Bibi.

“When I got back my son wasn’t in his crib and my wife was still asleep. I asked everyone but no one knew anything,” he said. “A couple of months ago a nurse, Maham, confessed to having witnessed the incident but she told me not to pursue the matter,” he added.

The family has submitted an application to the Sialkot District Police Officer (DPO) for the registration of a case against accused police constable Munazza Batool and her sister Sadaf and to recover the child.

“For a long time we couldnÂ’t trace Munazza until we discovered that she was working here and when I saw her with the child I knew it was my baby,” Suraya Bibi said.

Accused constable, Munazza said that the child was her real son and the family was trying to take her child away from her. “They are accusing me of stealing my own son. They have no proof that I took their child. This is my child and I will not hand him over,” Batool told police.

SP Nasir Muneef Qureshi while ordering a DNA test to settle the matter, said, “No case will be registered until we have medical evidence,” he said.

The child is currently in the custody of Munazza Batool. Police officials said that they would only take action against the accused woman if the DNA results offered proof against her. “The DNA results will solve everything,” he said.
Source: The Express Tribune

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