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PPF Journalism Training Workshop, Saleh Mohammad Goth

Date: December 8-10, 2003
Location: Saleh Mohammad Goth

Saleh Mohammad Goth is a rural suburb of Karachi city, located some 40 kilometers east of Karachi off the National Highway. It has a population of a 3000 thousand people, mostly of Baluch origin.

The main profession of the people is farming. Irrigated by tube wells, the farms produce much of the daily fresh vegetable requirement of Karachi city. Despite its proximity to the cosmopolitan city of Karachi, Saleh Mohammad Goth is a world of its own, a refreshing rural agricultural environment. People are very conservative in outlook, but with a high level of political and social awareness.

Despite this a large number of local girls are able to reach colleges in the surrounding towns of Malir district. The Goth itself has neither a college for boys or girls, nor even a lady doctor to attend the women’s health problems.

The 21 participants of the workshop consisted six men and 15 women, and included teachers, journalists, students, and social workers.

They demonstrated a remarkable awareness of social, political and economic issues. With a high level of commitment to reform their surroundings, the participants, both boys and girls displayed keen interest in the PPF journalism training workshop.

The PPF media trainers team consisted of Fazal Qureshi, Chief Editor, Pakistan Press International (PPI) and Ms. Samina Ishaque, Director PPF, and Miss Saima Naz, Editor Women’
s Feature Service of PPF. Mrs. Ishrat Siddiqui of the Malir district Education Department acted as local organizer of the workshop.

The three day workshop, held at a hall of the Saleh Mohammad Goth school, started on December 8. Teaching lectures covered such subjects as definition of news, principles of news writing, the concept of Inverted Pyramid in news writing , the principles of 5 W’s and one H.

Every lecture followed by a free exchange of questions and answers covering a wide range of subjects relating to journalism and freedom of press. The other main subject of the workshop was the lecture on writing of articles., features and letters-to the- editor. There were practical exercises at every step.

At the end of the day, participants were given practical exercises as home work.

The last day of the workshop started with a discussion on the output of the participants on article writing. A large number of participants, both men and women, obtained top marks for selection of subject, effective intro and body of the article.

Mr. Saleh Mohammad Baluch, a local elder, whose grandfather, carrying the same name was founder of the village, gave away certificates to the participants. In his brief remarks sthe Chief Guest was all praise for the workshop eulogising its importance and utility. He expressed the view that more such workshops should be organised in the rural and semi rural areas.

List of Participants
Ishart Siddiquei
Dist Education Office L.B.W
City Dist Govt Karachi
Ghulam Farooq
Ghulam Habib
Muhammad Baloch
Saleem Ahmed Siddiqui
Correspondent District Reporter
Pakistan Press International (PPI)
Salma Rahim
Beegal Kalmati
Parveen Rusool
Rahim Bux
Nadil Ali Kalmati Balouch
Farzana Faqir
Gul sheeren