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Poster show on gender equality opens

By: Peerzada Salman

KARACHI: An exhibition of a poster design contest to celebrate International Human Rights Day titled ‘Gender Equality Now’ commenced at the Ahmed Pervaiz Gallery of Arts Council on Monday.

The show kicked off in 30 countries simultaneously. In Pakistan, it has been organised by the Human Rights Commission, Poster for Tomorrow Pakistan, and the Arts Council Karachi.

More than 3,000 entries were received from 105 countries out of which the best 100 including top 10 posters have been put on display. Two posters made by Pakistani artists Huda Afzal and Mariam Quli made it to the best 300 list and they too have been exhibited.

In 2011, the subject of the exhibition was ‘Right to Education’. This year the topic is gender equality with emphasis on recognising the issue’s importance on an urgent basis, which is why the adverb ‘now’ has been added to the title phrase. The organisers believe that no society can prosper when half of its population is subjugated and not given its due right.

While all the posters are marked by an interesting combination of creativity and acute awareness of the issues related to gender equality, one particular exhibit by Austria’s Elias Riedmann catches the eye instantly. The viewer cannot miss it because it highlights the matter without being pedantic or preachy about it, and by using only three colours.

Fabio Caselli from Switzerland takes the symbolic route and succeeds in pointing out the real issue. The black and white use of the image with the upper half of the woman concealed from the viewer’s eyes is a work of art.

Australia’s Eric Le gives the poster an innocent feel by focusing on a young girl wearing a Superman T-shirt, whereas Atelier Graphicable from France blurs the main picture and imparts prominence to the signs, used as a pair of specs, signifying gender equality.

The exhibition, which has been brought to this country by artist Khuda Bux Abro, will continue till Dec 12.