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Police solve murder mystery of woman cut into pieces

Karachi: A woman whose body was found in three pieces over the course of three days from Soldier Bazaar police limits was identified on Friday afternoon. Nasreen, mother of five children, went missing on March 10th. Pieces of her body were recovered over the next three days, and on Friday the body was identified by her family at the Edhi morgue in Sohrab Goth.

On March 10th, Soldier Bazaar police found the torso of a woman from a garbage dump. The rest of the body was recovered, in separate pieces, over the course of the next two days.

After completing the legal formalities, the police had shifted the body to an Edhi home in Sohrab Goth and had appointed Sub Inspector (SI) Sarfaraz as the Investigation Officer (IO) for the case.

On Friday morning, a family approached Soldier Bazaar police and told them that they were searching for Nasreen, alias Surayya Bibi. The family said that Nasreen, 38, had been missing since March 10th.

They had also informed the police that they already lodged a missing complaint in this regard. Once the entire body had been recovered, the police showed the family a picture of the recovered body and had also took the family to the Edhi mortuary in Sohrab Goth where the body was being stored. The family identified the woman as Nasreen.

After completing the legal formalities, the police handed over Nasreen’s body to her legal heirs for burial purposes.SI Sarfaraz of Soldier Bazaar Police Station told this scribe that the police had recovered the body on three separate days. On the night of March 10th, police found her torso, from her stomach down to her knees. The next day they found her stomach up to her head, and on March 12th they found her teeth, feet and legs.

He added that during questioning, her husband, Mohammed Sharif, informed the police that had married Nasreen 17 years ago in Karachi, and that during their wedlock she had given birth to five children. He added that he was a resident of Al-Syed Center, Quaidabad and that he works at an automobile workshop as a vehicle body maker.

Nasreen, who was a Christian by birth, had converted to Islam for their marriage. Sharif told the probers that on the morning of March 10th, he had left his house to take their children to school.

When he returned in the afternoon, he found the door of his house locked. He was informed by his neighbour that Nasreen had left home for the airport at around 10:30am for “some work”.

Sharif tried calling her cell-phone numerous times but to no avail: her mobile was switched off. After waiting for several hours, he checked with his in-laws, but this too was in vain, as they hadn’t seen her either.

On the morning of March 13th he registered a missing person complaint with the Khuldabad Police Post of Quaidabad. On Friday, he came to know that his wife Nasreen had been murdered.

SI Sarfaraz said that Sharif had no information regarding what “work” his wife had in the Airport area. He has, however, sent a request to the Investigating Department to provide the complete logs associated with Nasreen’s number.

The police have now received the complete call and message logs and the locations she visited before her brutal murder, and the investigation is still underway.

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