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Police arrested accused persons in Kohistan honour killing case

ISLAMABAD: Police on Thursday claimed to have arrested two accused persons who killed a man and a woman on May 14 in the name of honour within the limits of Kolai “police station in Kolai Palas district of Kohistan.

According to the police, the SHO Kolai police station received information that the deceased who was identified as Muhammad Nabi was killed by the accused persons Sharo and his father Saddam. They had invited the deceased to their home for tea but allegedly killed him when he was about to leave.

DSP Circle Kolai Rauf Khan told Voice PK that he along with the police force of the concerned police station raided the site.

“We visited the crime scene to ensure that all medico-legal formalities of the duo killed allegedly over honour are completed,” he said.

According to the First Information Report (FIR) lodged by Nasim Mashan, brother of the deceased Muhammad Nabi, it was reported that the accused Sharo fatally shot Mohammad Nabi as he was leaving their house after having tea with them. He further alleged that simultaneously, Sharo’s father named Muhammad Saddam entered the house and killed his own wife suspecting her of having an illicit relationship with the deceased Muhammad Nabi.

The police party led by Station House Officer Mohammad Shaukat rushed to the scene, transported the dead bodies to the hospital and after a series of raids, arrested the killers. Both the slain persons according to locals were buried after the funeral prayers without any autopsy.

DPO Kolai Palas Amjad Khan confirmed to Voice PK that they had arrested the accused persons and presented them before the court of the judicial magistrate and they were currently in remand with the local police. He assetred the recovery of a Kalashnikov from the accused alleged to have been used in the murders of Muhammad Nabi and Saddam’s wife.

Haroon Tanoli, an activist who is working in Kohistan, said that the main challenge towards curbing honour killing and violence against women remains the psyche which considers women and girls as inferior to men in this region. He said tribal customs like honour killing have found their way in urban centers and continue to violate fundamental rights of women.

Tanoli said that the incumbent government needs to do more to give women equal opportunities and lamented that while Islam had given immense respect to women but there are elements who have misinterpreted the teachings of Islam for this purpose.

Haroon Tanoli hoped that the introduction of women-specific legislation alongwith the National Commission on Human Rights, provincial directorate of human rights and creating awareness through these and other civil society organizations would improve things.