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Peshawar women take active part in electoral process

PESHAWAR: Youth and women turned up in droves at polling stations in the provincial capital to exercise their right to vote on Thursday.

Visits to polling stations in different parts of provincial capital showed that a large number of women and youth were actively taking part in the electoral process.

During a visit to Salwan middle school in Peshawar Cantonment, it was observed that women were present inside the polling station in a large number to cast their vote. Though the polling process was a bit slow, female voters were eagerly waiting in the polling station’s courtyard to cast their votes.

One of the polling staffers told Dawn that majority of women were saying that they were there to free Imran Khan from incarceration.

Enthusiastic youth turn up at polling stations in droves

The polling station had about 2,500 registered voters and by 3pm about 600 had polled their votes, others were waiting outside. At the same time, more women voters were entering the polling station in droves.

Similarly, a large number of women were waiting inside a polling station set up at a girl’s school near Gulberg. There were long queues outside the polling booth. Besides, there was huge presence of women outside another booth in the same polling station.

Hayatabad Sports Complex also witnessed a large number of women turning up to cast their votes. At this polling station, workers of a particular political party were waiting at the gate to receive voters and lead them to booth and canvass them to cast their votes for their candidates.

Polling stations in Gulbahar area of the city also saw a large number of women turning up to exercise their right of franchise.

Similarly, polling stations and camps of political parties witnessed influx of youth, eagerly taking part in the general elections. Youth wearing caps of their political parties’ flags were seen offering rides to elderly people to polling stations to enable them to cast their votes.

Majority of the polling agents at the polling stations were also youth. Visits to several polling stations in the limits of Peshawar Cantonment showed that a large number of youth was actively taking part in the electoral process.

Polling stations established in Mubeen Shaheed School No.1, Peshawar Cantonment, and Cantonment No.3 schools also saw a large number of youth. Young workers also crowded the camps of their political parties established outside polling stations.

A polling agent of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf at No.3 school polling station told Dawn that they were competing in the constituency with Awami National Party. However, he said that they were going to win the polls due to the huge number of youth, who were coming out to votes.

Similarly, youth outside Sufeh Dheri polling station on the outskirts of the city were canvassing voters to vote for PTI. They were asking the electorate to vote for Sehat Card. However, workers of other parties were trying to counter them over sentence awarded to PTI founder in Toshakhana case.

Source: Dawn