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Overseas Pakistanis Commission (OPC) board formed to solve problems of working women

LAHORE: A women’s board has been established in the Overseas Pakistanis Commission (OPC) to solve the problems faced by the working women of Overseas Pakistanis. Coordinators and members have also been appointed in the Overseas Pakistanis Commission to help the Overseas Pakistanis. And the Women’s Wing in collaboration with the Overseas Pakistanis Commission provided support to the Commission for the betterment and resolution of problems of the Overseas Pakistanis. Vice-chairperson of the Punjab Overseas Pakistanis Commission, Makhdoom Syed Tariq Mahmood-ul-Hassan, expressed these thoughts in the overseas women’s conference held at the Overseas Pakistanis Commission.

The Punjab government’s spokesperson Musarat Jamshed Cheema, PTI Women Wing President Kanwal Shuzab, OPC UK Coordinator Misbah Qaiser, OPC Women Wing Coordinator Aqsa Hayat Lali and other women wing members also participated in the conference.

Punjab Overseas Pakistanis Commission Vice-Chairperson Makhdoom Syed Tariq Mahmood-ul-Hassan while speaking said that measures were being taken for women for the convenience and improvement of Overseas Pakistanis Women.

Experienced, educated, political workers have been appointed in the Women Wing. And which will play an important role in betterment of Overseas Pakistani women. Coordinator Overseas Women’s Wing Aqsa Hayat Lali said that for the development of the society, the difference between men and women must be eliminated forever. She said that women in Pakistan were realising their potential in every sphere of life.

The rights of women have been emphasised in the religion of Islam. She said that she was grateful to Vice-Chairperson Punjab Overseas Pakistanis Commission Makhdoom Syed Tariq Mehmood-ul-Hassan for providing a platform in the OPC of Overseas Pakistanis Women.

All possible efforts will be made to solve the problems of overseas Pakistani women with the help of the Overseas Pakistanis Commission. Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Women’s Wing President Kanwal Shuzab while speaking on the occasion, said that Overseas Pakistanis are our true ambassadors. Thanks to which our economy runs. Punjab Overseas Pakistanis Commission Vice-Chairperson Makhdoom Syed Tariq Mehmood-ul-Hasan is always busy in solving their problems.

The services provided to these overseas Pakistanis are commendable, she added. She said that the PTI government had given the right to vote to overseas Pakistanis but the PDM did injustice by withdrawing the right to vote from overseas Pakistanis for their own interests.

Source: The news