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Not kidnapped: Four girls missing from Lahore recovered in Pindi

Not kidnapped: Four girls missing from Lahore recovered in Pindi

RAWALPINDI: The Rawalpindi Railways Police on Monday recovered four girls who reportedly went missing from Sabzazaar area of Lahore on Sunday.

They were handed over to Lahore police.

The railways police located Asima Malik and Faiza Malik, daughters of Falk Sher; and Iqra and Irum, daughters of Muhammad Riaz, at the railway station at about 6am, when they were to board Pakistan Express for Karachi, Rawalpindi Railways Police SHO Javaid Iqbal said.

He said the on-duty police officers got suspicious about the four girls travelling alone and took them into custody.

They brought them to a camp, set up at a railway station by the Senior Superintendent Asmatullah, to keep an eye on runaway children travelling in trains, Iqbal said.

The camp was set up following increasing reports about missing children from different cities of Punjab.

A press release issued by the railways police noted that during investigation the girls, aged between 15 and 22 years, said that they had run away from their houses located at Multan Road in Lahore.

The girls were not happy in their houses due to poverty and wanted to earn their own livelihood, the police said.

The railways police contacted parents of the girls and learnt that they had gotten a kidnapping case registered with Sabzazaar police after the girls went missing on Sunday.

The police said the girls travelled in a passenger bus to reach Rawalpindi and wanted to go to Karachi through train.

The girls said they were not kidnapped and had left their houses on their own.

They further said that their parents never subjected them to violence or mistreatment.

Sher said the girls had no problem, while living with their parents in Lahore.

The railways police after completing due procedure handed over the girls to Sabzazaar police.

The Express Tribune

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