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No case to be filed by Farah Dogar

ISLAMABAD: Farah Hameed Dogar, the daughter of Chief Justice of Pakistan Abdul Hameed Dogar, has finally decided not to sue in court or file any case against those who, according to her, were running a campaign against her and her father regarding the jacking up of her marks, Farah’s lawyer Malik Qayyum confirmed to The News.

After the disclosure of the scandal concerning the alleged misuse of power for jacking up her marks through reassessment, Farah Hameed Dogar had issued a press release through the Deputy Registrar of the Supreme Court, Bashir Janjua, in which she had pledged to sue in courts and register criminal cases against the persons responsible for running a ‘vilification-campaign’ against her and her father ñ the Chief Justice of Pakistan ñ in the print and electronic media. The exact words regarding this in her maiden contact with the media were: “I also reserve my right to sue for damages besides filing criminal cases against the concerned persons.”

After Farah’s statement was issued, former attorney general and close aide of ex-president Musharraf had told The News that he was working to file cases in the Islamabad High Court (IHC) and the Supreme Court and the cases will be filed by December 16th. Qayyum had also promised to provide The News with the copies of some apex court’s decisions allowing the reassessment of papers, which he didn’t provide despite the fact that he was repeatedly reminded of his assurance. Malik had also told this scribe that he was not preparing to register cases against any media outlet.

While talking to The News late Saturday night, Qayyum said, “We have decided that we will neither move any case in any court nor register any criminal case against anyone; instead we will defend ourselves in a case under hearing in the IHC.” Malik said that it was not suitable to move a new case, so it was decided to argue in the IHC on the case challenging Farah Dogar’s jacked up marks. When asked that he hasn’t provided The News with some previous SC verdicts allowing reassessment of papers, Malik said that copies of the said decisions were in Islamabad while he was in Lahore. He promised that he would provide The News with the copies of the decisions on Monday (today).

It is pertinent to mention that the petition challenging the jacking up of Farah’s marks in the IHC was moved by Tehreek Falah-e-Pakistan president Muhammad Azam Khan Sultanpuri, who is an important member of the Naek Camp.

The case was moved on December 2, 2008 in an apparent move to halt the proceedings of Standing Committees of the National Assembly and the Senate on Education ñ as the Senate committee was meeting the same day while the NA body was scheduled to meet on Dec 3rd.

Malik also said that he will represent Farah Dogar in the IHC in the case of her F.Sc marks, which was fixed for Jan 13th. Malik also said that he only remembered the reference of one case ñ the LHC-98 PLC ñ in which the Lahore High Court had allowed reassessment.

It is very important to mention that The News story which broke the scandal, now being termed as the scandal of the decade, published on Nov 25th last, quoted three important Supreme Court decisions declaring reassessment as illegal. One such decision even says, “If the reassessment of papers after declaration of result is allowed, it could open a Pandora’s box. The educational systems will collapse if the reassessment is allowed.”
Source: The News