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NHF announces ‘Wonder Women of the Year Awards’

KARACHI: National Hero Foundation (NHF) has announced to commence first ever “Wonder Women of the Year Award”, to be held on March 8, 2011 in Karachi.

Addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club on Monday night, Shaikh Rashid Alam, founder and president of NHF said this foundation was established with the vision to introduce people to our national heroes and their contributions for this homeland.

He said that NHF has been given permission to revive the spirit of heroism, commemorate the role of our national heroes and work for their social welfare as a non-profit public company licensed under section 42 of companies ordinance 1984 by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

“Some basic objectives of NHF are to restore the lost identity of our national heroes by reviving the spirit of heroism and to make people aware of our national heroes, educate our youth about the difference between a hero and a celebrity, commemorate the priceless contribution of our national heroes. In addition to establish National Hero Park to preserve the golden history of our heroes and to organise benefit and welfare activities for the wellbeing of our national heroes & their families,” he informed. The motive behind the establishment of National Hero Foundation is to provide a platform to acknowledge and honour all our national heroes and to highlight their contributions, he added.

Giving the detail of Wonder Women of the Year Awards, Shehla Javed Akram, President Women Chamber of Commerce said that NHF has organised this award in association with the Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan to recognise the valuable services of Pakistani women by giving them the honour they truly deserve and to present them as the role model and a national hero for the generations to come. “Wonder Women Awards” will be given to the women excelling in sectors like business, bureaucracy, sports, culture, media, arts, social welfare, judiciary, education and politics, she informed.

“Nominations can be submitted by February 25, 2011, after that members of the governing body and expert Judges Panel will supervise this entire process and finalise the scrutiny. Number of total awards will be decided keeping in view the nominations and not more than 2 awards will be given in each category,” she added. Furthermore, some 70 percent of the awards have been allocated for alive people, while 30 percent awards will be given to the people who are not with us today. Finally a graceful award ceremony along with an exclusive symposium titled “Inspirational Women Convention” will be organised on 8th March 2011 on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.

Source: Business Recorder