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New Delhi’s apathy over Pak girl’s rape

BY: Mian Saifur Rehman

No action has been taken by Indian authorities against the Pune Police official Anand Gidde who reportedly raped a Pakistani Hindu minor girl on the insistence of RAW officials after the victim’s family refused to work for RAW, The News has learnt on good authority.

According to the highly placed sources within the diplomatic and security setups, the overall social milieu inside India is not conducive for women protection since a lady is raped over there every 23 minutes.

It is rather like an eternal ordeal for women, added the sources. And when a question was asked as to what were the main underlying factors that led to this eternal ordeal for women, the sources responded: “Major reason for increasing cases of rape is callous attitude of Indian government and political leaders who behave insensitively to ugly crime of rape.

Moreover, the rising number of rapes is attributable to religious fanaticism, widespread poverty and lack of law enforcement”.“Not only that, even hegemonic designs and lust for military power have done a lot of damage to the socio-economic fabric.

When such conditions go rampant in a society like in Indian society, then all the socio-economic factors including those prompting injustice and cruelty with women are ignored”.The sources opined further: “Sexual assaults are direct outcome of ignored priorities at national level. Modi’s Government prefers military spending instead of improving the social fabric of Indian society.

As for the instance of the rape of a Pakistani Hindu minor girl, that too is driven by general acrimony of Indians against Pakistan”.The sources told this scribe further that Pakistani High Commission in India had raised this issue much earlier but the apathy and lethargy shown by Indian authorities facilitated the culprit, Anand Gidde, in managing his bail before arrest in a heinous offence that is not deemed pardonable even in Indian law as well as in India’s public circles.

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