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NA passes amended bill to help jailed women

ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly on Friday unanimously passed ‘women in distress and detention fund (amendment) bill, 2010’ aimed at providing financial and legal assistance to the women languishing in jails on account of different allegations and facing extreme hardship.

The bill says that the human rights wing of the ministry of law, justice and human rights was previously managing the fund under the Act of Parliament, however the fund were transferred to the ministry of human rights after its establishment.

It said the ministry of human rights was not in a position to operate the fund without necessary amendments in women in distress and detention fund act 1996, adding that the operation of this fund is beneficial for all classes of women throughout the country.

Earlier, chairman National Assembly standing committee on human rights presented the report of the committee on National Commission for Human Rights bill, 2008.Meanwhile, the House also passed Private Power and Infrastructure Board bill, 2010 aimed at encouraging and facilitating private investment in the power sector.

Later, speaking on point of order Akhunzada Chattan called for giving representation to the women from the tribal areas in Parliament now that the political parties act has been extended to the tribal areas.

He further said that the representatives from the tribal areas must be taken into confidence while initiating dialogue in the tribal areas for durable peace.Ayaz Amir on his point of order said that some members have not yet received development funds despite announcement by the prime minister. He requested the prime minister to look into the matter.

Hamid Saeed Kazmi complained of insufficient medical facilities in jails and said that he was unwell for the last many days but no proper treatment was given to him. The acting Speaker, Faisal Karim Kundi, asked interior minister Rehman Malik to look into the matter.

Speaking in the House Rehman Malik assured the journalists’ community that action would be taken against those involved in looting a journalist and opening fire on another in Karachi.

Responding to a call attention notice minister of state for production Khawaja Shiraz assured the House that the residents of district Swat who lost gold and other valuable items in militants’ attacks on different branches of the National Bank will soon be compensated. Later the House was adjourned to meet against on Monday at 1700 hours.

Source: The News