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Mystery shrouds two girls’ death at apartment

ISLAMABAD: Police on Sunday found two women dead at their Diplomatic Enclave apartment.

The bodies were later shifted to Polyclinic for autopsy.

Mystery shrouds cause of women’s death as the apartment’s administration cited gas leak as reason for the death but Polyclinic Medico-Legal Officer Dr Shazia disagreed, saying a woman, Bushra, has visible wound marks on her body.

Duty Officer of Secretariat Police Ghulam Jillani said real cause of womenÂ’s death would become known only when investigations were over.

He quoted the apartment’s manager as saying he learned from a sweeper that Bushra and Noreen didn’t open the door despite repeated calls, and broke the door open finding women lying on the floor unconscious.

He said doctors declared the women dead when police shifted them to Polyclinic. He said the apartmentÂ’s administration believed gas leak caused the deaths.

Jillani said Bushra, 23, worked in PTCL and her roommate Noreen in a bank. Dr Shazia of Polyclinic said she doubted gas leak would have caused the death as Bushra’s body had visible wound marks.
Source: Daily Times