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‘My brothers are threatening to kill us’

GUJRANWALA: A woman and her husband on Thursday filed a compliant with Saddar police against the woman’s brothers for attacking them and threatening to kill them.

Iqra Shahzadi alleged in the complaint that her brothers Asif, Qasim, Imran and their accomplices attacked her and her husband Ijaz’s family at their house in Jaleel Town. She said her brothers left threatening that they would kill her and her in-laws if she did not leave Ijaz and return to her family’s home in Chiragh Nagar.

Shahzadi said her family had turned against her after she married Ijaz in August 2011 without their permission.

She said her family had wanted her to marry an elderly man.

She said her brothers had on Wednesday assaulted them during a visit to her in-laws house in Chiragh Nagar. She said the family had gone to the house to collect some belongings as they had sold the house and rented another house in Jaleel Town to avoid the girl’s brothers who lived in Chiragh Nagar. “My brother would regularly confront my brothers-in-law in the market and beat them,” she said. She said her parents-in-law had finally decided to sell the house and move to Jaleel Town to avoid regular brawls.

She said an FIR had been registered following the Wednesday incident at Baghbanpura police station. However, she complained, while police had arrested three suspects including her brother Asif, they had also arrested three of her husband’s relatives.

On Thursday, Shahzadi said, Asif, Qasim, Imran and their accomplices allegedly broke into her house after being released by Baghbanpura police on an interim bail and assaulted her husband and his brothers. Ijaz demanded that the police take notice of the incident and provide security to his family.

“I’m concerned about my family’s security. The government should provide us protection.”

Station House Officer Babar Shoaib said he had received the complaint.

However, he said, in family disputes police usually registered the FIR after first attempting to resolve the matter through dialogue. He said he had called Shahzadi’s in-laws and her parents to his office on Friday (today) to discuss the issue.