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Murder of a female medical student

LAHORE: The family of a female medical student, who was shot at and injured by the uncle of a teenage driver and later died on November 10 in Agrics Housing Society on Raiwind Road, has been receiving life threat from the accused persons.

The accused party has allegedly been pressurising the victim family for reconciliation and withdrawal of FIR. According to the FIR registered at Chuhng police station, an underage driver – identified as Abdur Rehman – rammed his car into another vehicle – in which the victim’s family was present, resulting in a quarrel on November 04, 2023.

The victim identified as Tazeen Khan, 23, received bullet injuries. She was rushed to hospital where she died on November 10. The FIR stated that the suspect identified as Abdul Rehman was over-speeding, drifting and rammed his vehicle into the victim’s car.

The police, while taking action, arrested two suspects and recovered a weapon. However, three more suspects are at large. The affected family has moved to Lahore from Saudi Arabia for their daughter’s education.

Meanwhile, the victim’s family also penned down a letter to the chief minister and sought protection, saying that the ‘influential’ suspects were pressurising them for reconciliation.

According to SHO Chuhng Inspector Nasir Hameed, three persons, including the girl were in the car. The car of the accused Abdul Rehman hit the victim’s car from behind. The driver in the victim’s car started chasing Abdul Rahman. Seeing the car being chased, the accused Abdul Rahman called his uncle Abid, who opened fire after seeing the chasing car.

The bullet hit the victim’s waist. The accused stopped the car of the victim’s family. Seeing the family in the car, the accused escaped from the spot. Inspector said that the age of the accused Abdul Rehman is 17 years and two months according to the data. Abid and Ali Raza, the accused who fired, were arrested. Accused Abdul Rehman, Sajid and Amjad are on interim bail. The bails of the accused will be cancelled and they will be arrested, he maintained.

Source: The News