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MPA moves resolution seeking prohibition of early marriage of girls

A resolution has been moved in the Punjab Assembly against early marriage of young girls.

In a significant move aimed at safeguarding the rights and well-being of young girls, Sara Ahmed, a member of the provincial assembly (MPA), has submitted a resolution in the Punjab Assembly Secretariat, addressing the issue of early marriage.

The resolution calls for a ban on marriages involving girls under the age of 18 and highlights the detrimental consequences associated with such unions.

Citing grave repercussions of early marriage, the resolution underscores the vulnerability of young girls to violence, exploitation, and various health risks.

It emphasises the critical role of healthy mothers in fostering a strong and balanced society.

The resolution stresses the importance of raising public awareness about the serious threats posed by early marriages.

It advocates for stringent measures to ensure that marriages are not solemnised until individuals reach the legal age of 18 and provide valid identification, such as a Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC), to the marriage (nikkah) registrar.

This initiative reflects a concerted effort by the Punjab Assembly to address a pressing social issue and uphold the rights of young girls.

Source: The Nation