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Minor boys branded Karo, beaten black and blue

By Waseem Shamsi

SUKKUR: A man beat black and blue three minor boys after branding them karo in the Bolaki village of Thull on Monday.

Reports said that Tapedar Asghar Sarki branded Abdul Samad, 8, Altaf Sarki, 9, and Junaid Ahmed Sarki, 11, karo and accused them of having sexual relations with his son Sabbir Ali Sarki, 7.

After beating them up to his heart’s content, he raided their homes and also maltreated their mothers and sisters, reports said.

The boys who were shifted to a nearby hospital told journalists that the allegation levelled by the tapedar against them was wrong and baseless.

They said that his son Sabbir Ali was their friend and they used to play together but his father was not happy with their friendship.

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Source: Dawn