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Medic suspended for inviting girl to ‘date’

By: Asif Chaudhry

LAHORE – The medical superintendent of the Mayo Hospital Tuesday suspended a doctor who invited a patient’s young daughter to ‘date’ at his office.

The incident took place in the West Medical Ward of the Mayo Hospital where the victim girl was looking after her ailing mother admitted for the last one week.

Mehak submitted a complaint to the MS Mayo Hospital alleging that on-duty medic Dr Imran Hanif called her at his office situated in the same ward and invited her for ‘dateÂ’ with him.

Dr Hanif, a postgraduate trainee doctor, was held guilty in a preliminary inquiry conducted by Medical Superintendent of the Mayo Hospital Dr Zahid Pervez who later constituted a committee comprising three senior doctors to further probe into the incident.

MS Mayo Hospital said if the allegations proved to be true in the inquiry of the newly-constituted committee comprising of three senior doctors, a case would also be registered against him to give him an exemplary lesson for offering such an immoral invitation to a female attendant of a patient.

He vowed that the hospital administration would make all out efforts to build up confidence of the female patients and their female attendants at the government hospital.

The hospital administration would not allow the doctors to commit such crime in the premises of the hospital, he warned.

He said Additional Medical Superintendent (AMS) Dr Abdul Majeed was heading the inquiry committee while Dr Hafiz Ijaz and Social Medical Officer Dr Naila are the other members.

Mehak got her ailing mother admitted in the West Medical Ward of the hospital as she was suffering from multiple diseases including diabetic.

The hospital sources said on Tuesday she was looking after her mother when on-duty doctors who was already eying on her, called her at his office through an employee saying that he wanted to discuss the matter of her mother’s disease with her in separation.

As Mehak entered the office she found Dr Imran alone. Instead of discussing the matter of her mother’s health, Dr Imran expressed his likeness towards her saying that he has a desire to make her a close friend. Meanwhile, Dr Hanif also invited her for a ‘date’ with him at the doctors’ office.

On this Mehak got infuriated and admonished him for taking advantage of her ailing mother. She also warned him that she would bring the matter to the knowledge of the hospital authorities.

On finding resistance, Dr Hanif shouted at her and threatened her of dire consequences.

The girl immediately left the office and informed the Medical Superintendent Dr Zahid about the immoral act of the on-duty doctor.

When contacted the MS Mayo Hospital confirmed the incident saying that young girl Mehak had levelled serous allegations against Dr Imran Hanif.

He said he called the doctor immediately and during preliminary inquiry, Dr Imran confessed to his ‘crime’.

MS Dr Zahid Pervez said he had suspended the doctor immediately as the allegations levelled against him proved to be true in preliminary inquiry. While another committee of three senior doctors has also been constituted to further probe into the incident, he said.
Source: The Nation