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Media spreading secularism,exploiting Kohistan incident: TTP

ISLAMABAD: Criticising the role of the media in publishing and airing reports about the killing of four women in Kohistan, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesperson Eshanullah Ehsan on Thursday condemned the media’s negative role in propagating secularism and discouraging the implementation of Shariah in the country.

According a pamphlet distributed by the TTP to various media groups, the TTP spokesman urged the country’s Ulema to abstain from taking part in talk shows over such issues.

Ehsan also directed religious clerics to abstain from giving decrees in such cases because the media conveniently and selectively used the decrees to criticise religious groups in the country.

He further maintained that when the Kohistan incident was first reported in the media, various media channels exploited the issue in a bid to defame Islam, and cited the role of Mishal and Diva Radio channels as un-Islamic, adding that when the media wanted to exploit an issue it contacted the Ulema to seek the religious basis for the punishment of the five women and two youngsters whose dance video was aired several times over.

“The media exploited the issue and propagated that the dance of males and females in Islam is not a crime,” the TTP spokesman alleged.

Ehsan also criticised the role of US-sponsored radio channels, saying that the country would face more humiliation as such media channels were propagating democratic norms and secularism in the country and were actively trying to defame Islam. The spokesperson warned media channels to abstain from defaming Islam, and vowed to deal with such channels with an iron hand.

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