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Marriyum calls Gulalai saga painful

Marriyum calls Gulalai saga painful

ISLAMABAD – Former Information Minister Marriyam Aurangzeb, in a statement issued on Thursday, demanded a probe into the allegations levelled by MNA Ayesha Gulalai against PTI chief Imran Khan.

Marriyum said Gulalai’s statement was extremely sorrowful and painful. The controversy that has been triggered in the social media and other means of communication in the backdrop of the revelations made by PTI MNA Aeysha Gulalai regarding Imran Khan and the way the issue is being tossed up is the most regrettable happening. “That indeed is bad politics which not only vitiates our moral and cultural values and traditions but also undermines the Islamic teachings and injunctions. Our religion teaches us that paradise is under the feet of mothers and our culture dictates that mothers, sisters and daughters are common to all. In fact, respect for women is the core moral value of Islam and our society. The respect and esteem in which the women are held in Islam is amply manifested by the fact that the holy prophet (PBUH) used to stand up to greet his daughter Fatima whenever she appeared in his presence.

“The tone and tenor of the comments about women and their respect and honour on the social media and the electronic channels is of particular concern, where deliberate and conscious attempts are being made to tear honour of mothers, sisters and daughters to shreds. Doing politics at the cost of honour of women is perhaps the most shameful pursuit that one can think of. After watching the talk shows and discussion on TV channels, no woman can dare to even think of joining politics,” she asserted.

She said: “No civilised society can even imagine such a collective moral degradation where politics is done at the cost of the honour of mothers, sisters and daughters.” She urged political parties and their supporters to observe sanity and refrain from their detestable enactments aimed to disgrace mothers, sisters and daughters. “This dirty culture needs to be buried forever in the best national interest. By our erratic behavior, we are sending wrong signals to the outside world, negating our claims for women empowerment and gender equality as well as moral lowness,” she averred, asking politicians, political parties and their supporters to cast off their unenviable past baggage and set new norms and traditions of political behaviour that conforms to our social, cultural and religious values to earn the respect of the people as well as the comity of nations.

Marriyum was of the view that the allegations levelled by Aeysha Gulalai against Imran Khan and corruption in KP cannot be dismissed lightly as they pertain to a leader of a political party and need to be probed and investigated through an appropriate forum.

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