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Marriage feud claims 10 lives in Charsadda village

BY: Faiz Muhammad

A man, with the help of his accomplices, killed his fiancée and nine members of her family in a pre-dawn attack in Tangi area on Sunday, four months after murdering his own parents, brother and sister-in-law.

Villagers and police said that Gul Ahmed Syed and his accomplices barged into the house of his uncle Jamal Syed in Tajuddin Mashin Kallay village and started firing indiscriminately.

Jamal, his wife Zar Pari, sons Shah Khalid, Faisal, Irfan and Abu Bakar and daughters Naveeda, Kalsum, Sumeera and Fatima were killed.

Main suspect also killed his parents, brother and sister-in-law
Hazarat Nawab, brother of Jamal, lodged an FIR, nominating Gul Ahmed as prime accused. He told police that after hearing gunshots, he and neighbours rushed to the house of Jamal where they found bullet-riddled bodies lying in a pool of blood.

According to relatives and villagers, Gul Ahmed was engaged to his maternal cousin Naveeda and had asked his parents to arrange his marriage after he obtained a diploma in civil engineering. But his parents told him to wait till getting a job.

They said that Jamal allegedly asked Gul Ahmed to kill his parents because they did not want him to marry his daughter. Gul Ahmed shot dead his father, mother, brother and sister-in-law on Nov 28, 2014 and escaped. He was declared a proclaimed offender but never arrested.

They said that Gul Ahmed asked Jamal to arrange the wedding but the latter kept on delaying it on different pretexts. This enraged Gul Ahmed and he took the extreme step of killing his uncle and his family.

The slain people were laid to rest in their ancestral graveyard in the village. A large number of people attended the funeral.

Meanwhile, a team headed by the DSP of Tangi has been formed to investigate the incident and arrest killers. Local leaders of different political parties and tribal elders have urged police to bring the killers to justice.

AFP adds: Police said they had launched an extensive search, raiding three of Gul Ahmed’s suspected hideouts and tightening security at entry points to the neighbouring tribal region where he might try to seek shelter.