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Man ‘rapes’ daughter, ex-wife

By: Nabeel Anwar Dhakku

CHAKWAL: A father is alleged to have led a gang of 24 men of his clan to rape his daughter and divorced wife for defying his choice of the groom for their daughter. Police have registered a case against the father, Dilbar Khan, the clansmen of Jabbi Kotehra village in tehsil Talagang who went into hiding after committing the brutality.

The victims and police sources told Dawn on Tuesday that Parwana Bibi and her mother Durdana were picked up by Dilbar Khan on November 23. The enraged kidnappers took both the women to a house located a few kilometres away from their village where they subjected them to severe torture.

“I have been raped by my father Dilbar Khan while my cousins raped my mother,” she said while talking to Dawn on Tuesday.

Parwana Bibi and Durdana Jan are currently being treated at District Headquarters Hospital (DHQ) where they were still awaiting medical examination thanks to the doctor’s apathy. However, Tamman Police have registered a case of kidnapping, torture and rape against Dilbar Khan and 24 others.

The incident took place when Dilbar Khan tried to marry Parwana Bibi to his nephew Aslam Khan. The victim girl said she had been living with her mother ever since Dilbar Khan divorced his wife some six years ago.

Parwana rejected the proposal and told her father that she would marry the man of her mother’s choice. This enraged Dilbar Khan who forcibly married her to Aslam Khan some four months back. However before the marriage could be consumed, she married Mohammad Jamil with the consent of her mother she had been staying with.

Parwana Bibi said when Dilbar Khan and his relatives came to know about this new episode they managed to get a case of kidnapping registered against Mohammad Jamil and forced Parwana to give a statement against her husband.

“They threatened me that they will burn my mother alive and will kill me if I do not give a statement against my husband. Seeing mine and my mother’s life in danger I told the court in Talagang that I had been kidnapped by Mohammad Jamil,” she maintained. She said police arrested Mohammad Jamil and was sent to jail.

However, after a few days Parwana and her mother Durdana Jan found an opportunity to submit an application to the Tamman police in which they denied that she had been kidnapped by Mohammad Jamil and said she married him willingly.

Parwana said they also told the police that both were facing life threat. Police presented both the women in the court where Parwana gave the same statement she had given to the police. The court sent them to Shelter Home where they stayed a month.

A few days ago Mohammad Jamil was also released by the court and allowed to live with Parwana and his mother in-law. On November 23, Dilbar Khan along with his accomplices stormed the house of her daughter and kidnapped her and his erstwhile wife Durdana Jan.

After subjecting them to severe torture, Dilbar Khan again forced Parwana to change her statement to which she agreed. When they brought her to police station she got the courage told the tale of kidnapping and torture to the SHO.

The police raided the house of Dilbar Khan and recovered Durdana Jan. She was in a miserable condition. “We are waiting for medical report”, Investigation Officer Nazar Hussain told Dawn.

When the attention of Medical Superintendent of DHQ Dr. Alamgir Nawabi was drawn to the matter he said that he would look into the matter.