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Man kills pregnant wife, daughter

A man in Massa Kotha, Kahror Pakka, has allegedly murdered his pregnant wife and two-year-old daughter during a domestic dispute on Wednesday.

Mohammad Irfan, a resident of Muhalla Karampur, is said to have strangled his wife, Ruqiya Bibi, and their young daughter Amina, to death on Wednesday.

Police sources revealed that the couple had been embroiled in a dispute for several days prior to the tragic incident.

Ruqiya, married to Irfan for four years, was four months pregnant with their second child at the time of her demise.

Upon learning of the incident, DSP Malik Muhammad Rizwan and SHO Arif Shah, accompanied by a police contingent, swiftly arrived at the scene. Local rescue officials also responded to the distress call.

The bodies were taken into police custody and transported to Tehsil Headquarters Hospital for post-mortem examination. Meanwhile, Irfan was apprehended on-site, initiating a thorough investigation into the matter.

DPO Lodharan Hassam bin Iqbal has vowed that no leniency will be shown towards the perpetrator of this tragic crime. Legal proceedings will be pursued rigorously to ensure justice for the victims, Ruqiya Bibi and you The accused, Muhammad Irfan, used to work as a mason in the nearby neighborhood, where he would plaster walls with cement. Around 10 days ago, the accused had expelled his wife, named Ruqiya Bibi, from the house after beating and assaulting her. Subsequently, the deceased, along with her daughter Amina Bibi, went to stay with her father in the neighbourhood of Busti Aaroo Wala.

Later, following social pressure, the accused brought them back home. Upon the request of the deceased’s father-in-law, Muhammad Islam, the police station Saddar has initiated action against the accused.

Source: Express Tribune