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Man jailed for killing girl over rejection of proposal

HYDERABAD: Sehwan’s additional district judge on Monday sentenced prime accused in the 2017 murder case of young girl, Tania Khaskheli, to 25 years imprisonment and exonerated his co-accused in the case.

Tania, the student of class-X, was murdered by Khan Mohammad Nohani alias Khano in the Jhangara area, Sehwan taluka, in Jamshoro district.

Besides Khano, Aali Nohani and Maula Bux Nohani were also named as accused in the case. Maula Bux was declared proclaimed offender after he evaded trial despite being on pre-arrest bail while Aali was in jail

Sarmad Khaskheli, counsel of Tania’s father Ghulam Qadir Khaskheli, who had lodged the case with Jhangara police, said that the court had examined 21 prosecution witnesses including Ghulam Qadir, Sajjad Ali (maternal uncle), Ms Emman (sister of deceased), Javed Ali and Khalid Hussain (relatives), investigating officers Naik Mohammad Khoso, Siraj Lashari and Sikandar Kakepoto.

Khano would have to pay a fine of Rs1m to legal heirs as per court’s verdict. In case of default on the payment of fine he would undergo additional six months in jail. He was awarded 10 years imprisonment in another case of encounter with police and possession of illicit weapon.

Co-accused Aali was acquitted by the court as eyewitnesses did not assign any role to him and only mentioned that he was standing outside the complainant’s house and soon after the murder he fled along with Khano.

The court said that even during identification parade before the judicial magistrate concerned, eyewitnesses merely identified him and stated that he was standing outside the gate of the complainant’s house but none of them assigned any incriminating or overt act or role to him

Since no tangible or credible evidence had come up against him he was acquitted of the charge under Section 265(i) CrPC by extending him benefit of doubt. He was, however, fined Rs50,000 in a case of encounter with police and in case he failed to pay the fine he would undergo six months in jail, it said.

Sarmad contended that Nohani had murdered Tania Khaskheli after her family refused his proposal for marriage with Tania.

Aali had arranged the motorbike used in the offence through an acquaintance, Taj Mohammad Shah, who had recorded his statement before police

He said that forensic examination also proved that the weapon seized by police was used in the crime and empties also matched with it during examination. Medico-legal officers also recorded their statements in support of the complainant, he said.

Source: Dawn