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Man confesses to poisoning three daughters

Salis bin PerwaizKarachi

The investigating team of the SSP West Crime Range has resolved the mystery of the murder of three sisters that took place in the Mominabad area in October this year. The law enforcers arrested the father of the three girls during a raid in Mominabad on Wednesday and the suspect later confessed to killing his daughters.

SSP Khurram Waris of the West Crime Range recalled that on October 15, 2011, the bodies of three sisters, two of them handicapped, were found floating in the pond of a cattle pen in Miraj-un-Nisa Colony of Orangi Town No.10.

The three sisters were identified as 14-year-old Sumaira, 12-year-old Uzma and eight-year-old Nisha, who were the daughters of Sher Mohammed. He added that Sumaira and Uzma were disabled. Their father, Sher Mohammed, was the owner of a buffalo pen and had five children, including two sons. He originally hailed from Gujrat in Punjab. Waris said that the investigation team of the Mominabad police lodged an FIR on the complaint of Sher Mohammed against unknown persons. Medical reports confirmed that the girls had been poisoned.

Police sources said that after registering the FIR, the investigation team called the father to the station on more than 20 occasions as it suspected his involvement. However, the law enforcers each time cleared Sher Mohammed of being involved in the triple murder.

The inspector general of police took notice of the triple murder and ordered the SSP West of the Crime Range, Khurram Waris, to arrest the culprit. SSP Waris that after receiving orders from the Police Headquarters four days ago, he gathered investigation reports, which included the medical report and statements of people.

His investigations led him to suspect Sher Mohammed’s involvement in the crime and he sent a police team to bring the girls’ father to the investigation unit. Waris said that after being thoroughly interrogated, Sher Mohammed confessed to killing his daughters.

Sher Mohammed told the police that he was troubled by his daughters, including the two who were disabled, and had been planning to kill them after his wife left on October 13 to attend a gathering in her hometown of Gujrat.

On the night of October-14-15, 2011, he mixed sleeping pills in the dinner of his daughters and waited for them to fall unconscious. He then picked up the three girls and threw them the into the pond for buffalos and returned to his room to take a nap.

Sher Mohammer then woke up at 4:00am, and went back to the pond, where he found the bodies floating. In an effort to divert suspicion from himself, the father ran to his neighbour’s house and claimed that somebody had killed three of his daughters. He and the neighbour rushed to the pen to take the bodies out and then called the local police.

Sher Mohammed also told the police that after a few days after killing the three girls, he contemplated suicide, but was afraid to go through with it.

Source: The News