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Man blackmailing girl through fake Facebook account arrested

By: Salis bin Perwaiz

Karachi: Officials of the Cyber Crime Circle of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) claimed on Wednesday to have arrested a suspect who was involved in making a fake Facebook ID of a girl.

According to a statement, the family of the girl had lodged a complaint against Mazhar, accusing him of having uploaded objectionable photoshopped pictures of the girl on a fake profile in her name.

Reportedly, the man wanted to marry the girl but the family had rejected the proposal due to his alleged flawed character. The families earlier had shared pictures with each other, but after the proposal got rejected, Mazhar’s family refused to return the girl’s pictures.

The girl’s family claimed that Mazhar then made the fake account and started uploading her pictures.

Later, he photoshopped them and also uploaded those objectionable images in revenge for being rejected. The statement added that a civil judge and a judicial magistrate of District South ordered a probe.

Following the instructions, Facebook authorities were requested to share the details of the IP addresses from where the controversial account had been operated.

Authorities of the social networking website provided the IP logs to the FIA, which belonged to two internet service providing companies.

The FIA approached the companies where the name of the subscriber was disclosed as Qamar and his address was told as Bath Island, Clifton.

When the raid was conducted at the given address, the watchman told personnel at the empty bungalow that the office had been shifted to Lane-9, Zam Zama Street, DHA, Phase-V.

On reaching the address, officers found Qamar in the office and questioned him regarding the IP addresses.

He admitted that the internet connections of the IP addresses were made in the office in his name. On further inquiry, he spoke about Mazhar who was working as an admin executive in the company.

According to the statement, Mazhar was called to the scene where he admitted to making the fake account and uploading the pictures of the girl.

He also admitted that he had photoshopped her pictures to make them objectionable. He also put vulgar comments and her mobile number on the wall of the fake account.

The FIA claimed that the electronic equipment, including a laptop, used in the crime, had been seized from the office and the residence of the accused. Further investigations are underway.

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