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Man arrested for exhuming 8-yr-old girl’s body for faith healer

KARACHI: A fifty-year-old man identified as Sabir Sumar was arrested Sunday evening while trying to dig up the body of an eight-year-old girl at the Noorani graveyard on the directives of a faith healer.

The girl was a resident of the same area and was laid to rest five days back. The interrogation revealed that Sumar allegedly planned an act of necrophilia and then wanted to cut off her finger. The police said that a razor blade was taken from him during the arrest.

Sumar had just started digging when a gravedigger named Salman saw him and informed the police. Sumar was using a piece of wood as a shovel. Sumar originally belongs to Ghambat, Khairpur.

He had come to Karachi a while ago and was working as a labourer. SIO Malik Maher Ali said he was giving contradictory statements.

Sometime he says that he is married and has two children. Other times, he claims to be engaged to his uncle’s daughter in his hometown. His uncle did not agree to the marriage, for which Sumar sought the help of a faith healer. “We have recovered charas from his possession,” added Ali.

FIR No. 90/08 under section 297 has been registered against the accused and he will be produced in the court of the Judicial Magistrate East today (Tuesday), added the officer.
Source: Daily Times