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Man admits to have abused 48 female corpses


KARACHI: The story of the man who was caught on the charge of desecrating 48 female bodies has sent shivers down the spine, and people are dumbfounded over this dastardly act and consider it unholy and as disparaging as the act of cannibals.

A case of grave mental sickness, where a man was reportedly involved in abusing female bodies brazenly in their graves, has jolted pillars of almost every faith.

People are asking whether the graveyards, which are supposed to be sacred places for Muslims, have now become dens for drugs, body traffickers, arm smugglers, etc. This incident, which did not take place in some far-flung area but within the city limits, is destined to reflect worst image of the society not only in the country but across the globe, putting a big question mark on the sagacity of leadership, religious scholars, and civil society, etc.

Police are groping in darkness, not knowing whether it is a case of mental disorder, lust or habit.

In order to dig out facts for the readers, this scribe approached this debaser, namely Riyaz, who confessed to have desecrated female bodies in their graves without fear of punishment.

This socially and mentally inept person, who was in shackles and sat outside lockup of North Nazimabad police station, said that his friend, Wazira, had encouraged him for this evil conduct. He shamelessly admitted to have abused some 40 female bodies in their graves with his friend, who passed away some two years ago.

When contacted, SHO North Nazimabad Asim Siddiqui, said that DSP Rasheed Khan, after receiving complaints in this regard, had constituted a team to investigate the matter. He said the team comprised SHO North Nazimabad, Incharge Paposh check post Chaudry Saeed and other policemen deployed at Paposh graveyard for vigilance.

He said after strict surveillance for several days, they had succeeded to nab red-handed the man, Riyaz, 28, son of Alam Sher. Asim said the accused Riyaz during initial course of investigation confessed to have desecrated 48 female bodies, of which, some 40 bodies were defiled with his friend Wazir while rest of them alone.

He said the detained person admitted to have involved in this immoral crime for last eight years and added that he was the resident of Nusrat Bhutto Colony and hailed from Sargodah.

The SHO said that accused Riyaz used to go inside only in those graves, which were not more than two hours old. Then he abused the bodies with the help of mobile torch in darkness. He said the case of profanation was established under sections 297, 376, 377 and 354A against him and added that he could be awarded death sentence. He said that accused Riyaz, who is unmarried, and used to water the graves, has five sisters and two brothers.

Condemning this abashed act, Tauqeer Fatima Bhutto, provincial minister for women development, demanded of the concerned authorities to take stern punitive measures against him. She said the ministry would also table a bill in Sindh assembly to avert such incidents in future. For the purpose, she said, the ministry would convene a meeting.

Meanwhile, Mufti Moneeb-ur-Rehman, chairman of Ruet-e-Hilal Committee, said that Islamic law in such case has empowered the government to grant maximum punishment. He also stressed to the government to give maximum sentence and make him example for others.

Abdul Hadi, Advocate, Sindh High Court, confirmed that there is a provision in Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) to penalise the accused person. He urged the authorities concerned to increase the punishment to 10 years imprisonment for this wicked act.

Dr Fouzia, head of NGOs alliance ‘Aasha’, said this immoral act has reflected the mindset of society against women and demanded of the authorities concerned to take the responsible person to task.

Source: Business Recorder