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Man accuses teacher of crippling his daughter

ABBOTABAD: A father has accused a government school teacher of crippling his daughter after physically assaulting her over a minor mistake in her classwork.

Muhammad Arshad, a resident of Tharyati Bara Hotar village, told the media his daughter Iqra Arshad was a tenth grade student Government Girls High School Bara Hotar. Three days ago, his daughter was in class where school principal Naseem Abbasi was teaching the students.

A minor mistake by Iqra caused Abbasi to lose his temper and, as a punishment, he sent the student to stand outside the classroom. Arshad said the angry principal made his daughter stand in the scorching heat for over two hours after which she fainted.

“Instead of taking her to the hospital, the short-tempered teacher kicked her and beat her with a stick, accusing her of pretending to not be able to stand,” said Arshad.

When the father heard about Iqra’s condition, he took her to Benazir Shaheed Hospital. Doctors there have started treatment, however, at the moment Iqra is bed-ridden and seems to exhibit signs of paralysis.

Dr Naveed, a medical officer at the ward, said Iqra might have developed some muscular problems and should recover in a month.

Arshad has filed a complaint against the principal at Bagnotar police station but the police have not registered the case yet. According to the father, Principal Abbasi belongs to an influential family and has instead filed a complaint against Arshad.

Express Tribune