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Malik wants separate jails for women with female staff

ISLAMABAD: Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Interior, Rehman Malik on Monday remarked that there should be a separate jail for women in the country and their staff should be hired from the same gender.

While chairing a meeting of the committee, he said that prisoners were using mobile phones in jails despite installation of jammers, adding everyone knew what sort of corruption was being done in jails.

During the meeting, officials of jails briefed the committee about proposed reforms for betterment of prisons and apprised the committee that Central Jail Staff Training Academy needed funds for training of the staff on modern lines.

The committee was informed that academy had purchased weapons in 1975,
2003 and 2004 and they were only getting Rs 20.2 million budget though their demand was Rs 41.2 million.

To this, the committee assured their full support for meeting genuine needs for the betterment of the jail administration.

Jails administrations are getting Rs 60 for each meal of a prisoner in Punjab and Rs 140 in Sindh, officials added.

Malik said there should be proper treatment of prisoners in jails and cited there were separate places in jails in various countries to keep accused and guilty people.

Chief Commissioner Islamabad briefed the Committee about the operation against slums in the federal capital and said there were around 17,000 people and 2,000 houses. These people had illegally occupied the plots of citizens and most of them were also involved in unlawful activities.

The chair and other members of committee appreciated the efforts for vacation of the slums. However, he said the occupation of the area was not possible without connivance of the Capital Development Authority.

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