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Malala: internal & external threats


THE attack on Malala Yousufzai has united the nation against the Taliban. The reaction on this incident by some religious parties and some ulema has rubbed salt into the nation’s wound. The reaction by Qazi Hussain Ahmad and Maulana Fazlur Rehman was totally out of sync with the public opinion.

First, these people were not ready to accept that the attack had been carried out by the Taliban. Then instead of condemning the incident they started equating it with deaths in drone attacks and with targeted killings in Karachi. This naivety got a rest when the people’s sentiments spoke louder.

The issue here was that a young girl was targeted because of her opinions and her strive for education. Education and knowledge has been given a special place in Islam. The first message from Allah for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was also related to education.

A letter issued by the Taliban gave crude reasoning for the attack. The people of Pakistan today are fed up with the constant meddling in their affairs by the Taliban and the Americans. We cannot justify the attack on Malala with the drone attacks. Both are condemnable in their own right. Both kill innocent people. The time has come for the government to act not only on the Taliban front but also on the US front in the larger interest of the people of Pakistan.



THE New York Times has shown a video on Malala. It is a very moving video that should bring tears to the eyes of every human being, not just a Pakistani. I am producing the link below for the benefit of all Pakistanis to watch.

I request all TV channels to show this video with due acknowledgement. The link is: http://thelede life/

Poor healthcare


IT is our tragedy to see Malala going to the UK for treatment as there is not a single hospital in the country even after 65 years of independence where she could be treated. This is a total failure of our leadership, which makes tall claims but practically do nothing for the benefit of the public.

How many daughters will be sent abroad for treatment on state expenses? This is my question to the leaders irrespective of their state authority. We must seriously think of good education and health systems that assure us that all our education and health issues will be taken care of in Pakistan and no one will go abroad on these counts on state expenses. Meanwhile, my best wishes for innocent Malala.

Male doctors

THE Taliban are against education of women. My question is: who should their women approach then for their treatment when they fall sick? Would they like to expose their wives, sisters and daughters to male doctors, particularly at the time of child delivery? I request all nations to pray for the full recovery of Malala with firm mental and physical ability.