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Lack of laws’ implementation termed root cause of increasing cases

PESHAWAR: The representatives of the women rights organisation have declared the weak implementation of binding laws on protection of women rights root cause of the growing cases of violence against women in the country.

The violence ratio was considerably grown up over the past four years in the country, they claimed while releasing a report “Policy and Data Monitor on Violence against Women (VAW)” here at Peshawar Press Club on Thursday. “Women are much vulnerable to raise voice for their legitimate rights despite promulgation of the law in this regard,” said Shabeena Ayaz, resident director, Aurat Foundation.

On the occasion, PDM VAW regional coordinator, Sheireen Javed, representative from UNWOMEN, CAMP, and other co-partners of the project were present. Shabeena attributed that the report dedicated to Farida Afridi for her services in highlighting women issues. She said that the figure of VAW were beyond the reported cases as a large number of cases were not reported due to different cultural and other reasons. “Our report was totally based on media reports and registered cases in crisis centres, she informed, adding that women were deprived in getting their legitimate rights.

Though, she said that about seven relevant laws have been promulgated with the passage of time, but there wasn’t any practical implementation in this regard. The state is responsible to strictly implement the biding laws for ensuring protection of women rights, she added. She regretted that it couldn’t happen because of which violence cases are increasing every year in the country.

Besides, speaking on the occasion, Shabeena said that the District Police officers were ignorant about the promulgation of laws on women rights, how it possible to implement properly, she questioned. “Our basic objective of launching report every year to bring down VAW cases with support of media and other relevant women rights organizations, she informed.

While giving statistical details about the VAW during 2011, Sheireen Javed said that a total of 8,539 cases of violence against women were reported, out of which 694 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 1,316 in Sindh, 6,188 in Punjab and 193 in Balochistan and 148 in Islamabad Capital Territories (ICT).

She presented a detailed report about the cases relating to violence against women in the four provinces of the country. More than 1792 cases of violence of miscellaneous nature have been reported, relating vanni, Sawara, custodial violence, torture, trafficking, child marriages, incest, threat to violence, sexual harassment, attempted murder and land encroaching, she maintained.

About 1384 cases in Punjab, 273 in Sindh, 81 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 12 in Balochistan, and 41 in ICT have been reported of miscellaneous nature, she added. Whereas the status of FIRs about different nature cases of VAW, she informed that 5,290 in Punjab, 636 in Sindh, 495 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 193 in Balochistan and 131 in ICT with a percentage of 78.99 were registered, while 911 cases were unregistered and 883 cases were lacking status of information.

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