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Kolai-Palas police rescue woman as jirga issues honour killing decree

MANSEHRA: Police have rescued an 18-year-old woman in Kolai-Palas district after a jirga issued an honour killing decree for her.

Police investigator Tasal Shah told Dawn on Saturday that the jirga ordered the killing of the woman after she was found to be in contact with a stranger over the mobile phone.

He said the woman fled the area after the issuance of the jirga decree and sought protection at a police post before a magistrate recorded her statement and she was shifted to Darul Aman in Abbottabad.

Mr Shah said a mob intercepted police vehicles as the woman was being shifted to the magistrate’s court in Nazir Bazaar Weeran area.

He said the police arrested 11 people, including the girl’s father and brothers, and local tribesmen, and booked 15 others, who fled, for threatening the woman’s life.

Noor Mohammad of the Shararkot police post registered an FIR on his own on Friday night insisting the 18-year-old woman feared murder on the jirga’s decree.

“They [mobsters] tried to take away the girl but DPO Mukhtar Khan stepped in and invited them to his office for talks. This is how we managed to present her before the magistrate,” he said.

Source: Dawn