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Kidnapped girl recovered after over one month

RAWALPINDI, Dec 31: A college student was kidnapped by a clerk of a government university who detained her in a house for more than one month, drugged her and repeatedly assaulted her, police said.

The victim, N.B., a first-year student at a government university in Islamabad, was found unconscious by her brother in the courtyard of a house. She was shifted to a hospital where she regained consciousness after four days.

The victim’s mother lodged a complaint with New Town police in which she stated that her daughter left her house on October 27 to get her notes photocopied from a shop but did not return.

She said on December 12, her son, who is a taxi driver, saw his sister with two boys. On seeing her, he started to chase the boys who then left her in the same house where she had been detained and escaped. The man reached the house, which was located in the jurisdiction of New Town police, and found his sister lying unconscious in the courtyard.

The woman said one of the accused was a clerk in a university. The accused are yet to be arrested.

Meanwhile, six vehicles were stolen from different parts of the city on Tuesday, police said.

Nazi Gul’s van was stolen from Civil Lines area, Mazhar Mehmood’s car was stolen from Westridge, Amir Javaid Butt’s car was taken away from New Town, Shahzada Khuram Awan’s van was stolen from Sadiqabad, Mohammad Riaz’s car was taken away from Waris Khan area while Sheikh Khalid Mehmood’s motorcycle was stolen from Ganjmandi area.
Source: Dawn