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Karo-Kari, sexual abuse major offences in Sindh: watchdog

KHAIRPUR: Karo-Kari and sexual abuse were two of the major incidents in Sindh in the year 2008, according to a watchdog on crimes against women in the province.

Renowned advocate and representative of the People’s Organisation for Welfare and Awareness Manzoor Hussain Larik said during 2008, 232 women and 139 men were killed on the pretext of Karo-Kari.

He said 133 women committed suicide. Manzoor said 38 girls were given as Vani and 118 women and 47 children were sexually abused. He said in 2008 Taslim Solangi case came into limelight in Khairpur but she was thrown before dogs before being killed.

Manzoor said the claims of the Women Development Ministry and NGOs who got millions for creating awareness among the people against these offences were hollow. He said the Sindh government too failed to get a comprehensive legislation approved from the Sindh Assembly in this regard. He, however, added that MPA Humaira Almani had submitted a bill on the protection of women.

Manzoor said with the spread of education the rate of the killings of women on the pretext of Karo-Kari increased instead of decreasing. He said instead of publishing positive reports against sexual abuse of women the media published pictures of the victims which, instead of help to the victim, compelled them to commit suicide.

He said there is need for a comprehensive strategy for overcoming such menaces which are defaming the culture of Sindh. Manzoor added that donor agencies should grant funds to organisations having credibility in the public. He said he had compiled the data from newspapers and police stations.
Source: The News