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KARACHI: Evidence collected from the scene of murder

KARACHI: Evidence collected from the scene of the murder of a 22-year-old woman, who was married seven months ago, has left little doubt that she was murdered, according to the police who are searching for her runaway husband.

Saima, the daughter of Abdul Ghani, was found dead Thursday in her house in Baldia Town. She had married Gul Rehman, her second husband, seven months ago. She was first married to her cousin in Hyderabad and had one daughter with him. Saima hailed from Swat and Rehman hails from Dir.

Police told Daily Times that according to the landlord of Saima’s house, Ghani (her father) had asked for the house (No. 1725/1236), near Rehmania Mosque in Swat Colony, Baldia Town, telling him that his [Ghani’s] son and daughter-in-law would live there. This was in fact not true, as Ghani was renting it for his daughter. However, three days ago, Ghani dumped some household belongings and instead of his son and his daughter-in-law, Saima and Rehman, moved in just 24 hours before she was found dead.

Ghani had told the police that on the day of Saima’s death, her younger sister, five-year-old Fatima, had visited her at about 3:00 p.m. Upon her return, Fatima told her parents that Saima and Rehman were in a jovial mood and seemed quite happy. Ghani’s wife, then, went to Saima’s house at 5:00 p.m. but found the main gate locked.

Ghani, his wife and Fatima then went to Saima’s house. He helped Fatima climb over the wall to enter. Fatima came back and reported that Saima was fast asleep and blood was oozing from her head. Ghani then struggled to break the lock and upon entering the house, found Saima lying still on her bed with pieces of broken brick on the bed. He informed UC 6 councillor Sharif Ahmed who then informed the police.

SHO Baldia Town Police Station Malick Ishaque, along with SIO Aziz-ur-Rehman and ASI Muhammad Feroze Khan, rushed to the crime scene and dispatched Saima’s body to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital in an Edhi ambulance.

Initially, Saima’s relatives created hindrances in the legal procedure and the FIR was registered late under Section 154 of the CrPC on behalf of Abdul Ghani. Although the family did not allow a post-mortem, the police managed to have their way and ASI Muhammad Feroze Khan completed the initial legal procedure, police said.

Baldia Town Police Station Investigation Officer Ghulam Ali conducted unsuccessful raids on the addresses of Rehman’s relatives in an attempt to arrest him. Rehman’s brother was also interrogated but he refused to provide any information.

The police added that there were rumors that Rehman had some psychiatric problems but said it would be premature to assert anything until he was arrested.

Source: Daily Times