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JI greets Malala on winning Nobel Peace Prize

By: Javed Aziz Khan

PESHAWAR: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chief Sirajul Haq has congratulated Malala Yousafzai on winning Nobel Peace Prize 2014 and asked her to return to the country to promote education in Pakistan.

But at the same time, the provincial chief of the party, Prof Muhammad Ibrahim, termed the Nobel Prize a US tool against Islam and Muslims.Many were expecting the JI chief, like other groups and individuals, may not felicitate Malala Yousafzai on becoming the only Pakhtun to have got the honour of being Nobel Laureate. The JI chief, however, appreciated her openly, saying the entire country was proud of her.

“We have congratulated her on the very first day. This is an honour for the entire country and our province,” JI chief Sirajul Haq said when asked about his stance on Malala Yousafzai and the prize she had won.

Many were expecting that like some other groups, the JI would criticise Malala, terming her an agent of the West. The party, however, made a clear statement to brush aside the negative propaganda against her.

“We appreciate her cause of promotion of education within the limits of her culture and ideology. She should return home and must promote education in Pakistan,” said Sirajul Haq.About the threats to the life of Malala on her return, Sirajul Haq said there were threats to everybody but the life and death is destined by Allah.

The statement of the KP amir, however, was contrary to his central chief’s. “The Nobel Prize is a US tool against Islam and Muslims. Malala is an innocent child and we are not against her but she doesn’t know about the actual situation and her name is being misused,” said Professor Mohammad Ibrahim.

The JI KP amir added that sharing the award with an Indian is against the ideology of Pakistan. “The Western forces have conspired against the ideology of Pakistan in the name of Af-Pak, Indo-Pak and other terms,” said the JI provincial chief.

The entire world and a big majority of Pakistanis are proud of Malala for winning the Nobel Prize but there was criticism by some elements in her own country who termed the entire episode a staged drama and declared the young girl an agent of the West. Many even do not believe that she was shot at.

It was October 9, 2012 when Malala along with other students was returning home in a school vehicle that was intercepted by armed men in Mingora. After asking about Malala, an armed man opened fire, hitting her in the skull.

Two other girls, Kainat and Shazia, had also suffered bullet wounds.They were rushed to the District Headquarters Hospital, wherefrom Malala was airlifted to the Combined Military Hospital in Peshawar within next few hours.

She remained in coma throughout while millions across Pakistan and the world were praying for her life.The young girl defeated death by making a remarkable recovery after remaining in coma for several days at the Combined Military Hospital. She was later taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, UK.

Malala has become the youngest ever recipient of the Nobel Prize. She is the second Nobel Laureate of the country after Dr Abdul Salam and the only Pakhtun in the history to have achieved the coveted award.

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