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Under investigation: Two more rape cases registered in capital

By: Rizwan Shehzad

ISLAMABAD: Two more rape cases were registered in the capital on Sunday, taking the total reported number of such crimes to 92 with only one conviction in the last five years.

One such incident took place inside a public transport van where the driver took advantage of a woman who was the last passenger in his vehicle at around 8pm in Sector F-11/1 on November 6.

According to the police, the driver — identified as Adeel, 24, — sexually assaulted the 40-year-old woman when all other commuters had alighted from the van.

The woman, a mother of six, told the police she was unsure about the bus stop where she had to disembark and the driver took her to an abandoned place pretending to be going to the stop. “He beat me up and kept assaulting me inside the vehicle at an abandoned place,” the woman told the police.

The investigation officer (IO) of the case, ASI Ishtiaq Ahmed, confirmed the woman was beaten as there was a torture mark under her eye. The officer said the police have arrested the suspect and conducted medical examination of both the victim and the suspect.

Ahmed said Adeel has confessed to all the allegations leveled against him by the woman, adding that the medical report will further reveal details. He added the driver has been sent to jail by a court after he was produced for remand.

He, however, said proving a rape case taking place inside a vehicle was more difficult than the one taking place inside a home because of the lack of evidence in such cases. “We will try our best to serve justice in this case.”

In the second case, a woman has accused one of his co-workers and his two accomplices of rape. The IO, Sub-Inspector Muhammad Ishaq, said the nominated suspect, Umar Naeem, and the girl had family terms and work together in an office in Blue Area and the incident took place when they went shopping after work at around 6:30pm on November 6.

Ishaq said according to the girl, she and with her friend — Naeem — went to Sector G-10 for shopping in his car. The girl said that two of Naeem’s friends sat with them when they crossed the Islamabad High Court building, adding that she was intoxicated and later raped by all three.

Ishaq said there were a lot of missing details in the girl’s story but the case was still registered and is being investigated. He said only medical reports will further confirm allegations as ‘many such cases appear far from claims made at the time of registering a case.’ In the current case, he said, the report regarding the use of drugs for intoxicating the girl was important to determine facts levelled against the suspects. The suspects were still on the run, he added.

According to the interior ministry, only one of 90 rape cases registered in the capital during the last five years has led to a conviction.

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