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Husband turns out to be killer of woman, two others

LAHORE: A Dubai-returned man had allegedly killed his wife, her nephew and his father-in-law who were found murdered in a rented house in Ameeruddin Park locality of Ghaziabad late on Tuesday.

Gujrat-based Rashid, who has been working in Dubai for the last 10 months, his brother Imran, sister Rashida, brother-in-law Muhammad Ali and four unidentified people have been nominated in the murder of Zareena, a mother of four, her father Haji Sabir and her nephew Akhtar Ali.

Zareena’s brother told police that domestic rows between the husband and wife led to the incident.

He said Rashid wanted his wife to return to Gujrat along with their children as he was working abroad and had concerns about his family’s safety in Lahore. However, Zareena insisted on staying in Lahore.

According to the FIR, the accused planned the murders with the help of his brother Imran, sister Rashida, brother-in-law Muhammad Ali and four other people.

According to the plan, the suspect invited his father-in-law and a brother-in-law to Lahore on the pretext that he wanted them to accompany his wife and children back to Gujrat.

However, a nephew of Zareena accompanied Haji Sabir to Lahore.

Rashid and Imran got the household items loaded onto a truck around 10:30pm and asked the driver to leave for Gujrat. Rashid had earlier dropped his two minor daughters and as many sons at his parents’ house.

Then as per their plan, Rashid and Imran shot dead the three victims and fled the scene.

Meanwhile, police handed over the bodies to the families of the victims after autopsies. The bodies were shifted to Gujrat for burial.

Cantonment SP (Operations) Maroof Safdar Wahla told Dawn that the motive for the cold-blooded triple murder could be family feuds and strained relations between Rashid and Zareena.

He said Zareena had attempted suicide by swallowing poisonous pills after quarreling with her husband about a month ago. He said Rashid came to Pakistan on a leave two weeks ago.

A police investigator said Rashid’s brother-in-law Muhammad Ali and sister Rashida had been taken into custody, but Rashid and Imran, couldn’t be arrested so far.

A source privy to the investigation said that ‘honour’ could also be the motive for the killings.