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HRCP flays Zehri remarks for burying women alive

Karachi- Senator (r) Iqbal Haider, Co-Chairman of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), has strongly condemned the outrageous remarks of Senator Israrullah Zehri in the Senate the other day, to justify the abhorrent incident of burying alive three teenage girls and two women in Balochistan on the pretext of ‘tribal custom’.

In a press statement issued here on Sunday, he said equally shocking was the conduct of the Acting Chairman Senate Jan Muhammad Jamali who disliked even rising of this issue by Senator Bibi Yasmeen Shah and had advised her to “go to our society and see for herself what the situation is like there and then come back to raise such questions in the House”.

Senator Haider questioned, does such advice of the Acting Chairman mean that no body can express concern and condemnation on such intolerable inhuman acts and practices, without personally witnessing it? Or does he means that the so-called ‘tribal customs and traditions’, prevailing anywhere cannot be condemned in the Senate?

Senator Haider recalled that the conduct of the Senators Zehri and Jamali is most regrettable repetition of the black day of August 2, 1999, in the history of the Senate, when it had refused to condemn the barbaric practice of ‘honour killing’.

It is most unfortunate that the supreme elected houses of Parliament have members who prefer to defend such brutal inhuman customs, rather than the Constitution or life and property of the citizens that they claim to represent, he regretted.

Senator Haider reminded the Acting Chairman of the Senate that one of the paramount purpose and function of the democratic institutions, elected by the people, is to get rid of these outrageous stone age practices and customs and to ensure that rights, life and property of the citizens is protected as guaranteed by the Constitution, inter alia by its Articles 4,9,14 and 25 etc which override every tribal practice, custom or tradition.

He also reminded both Senator Isralluh Zairi and Acting Chairman of their oath to act in accordance with and to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

Instead of performing their Constitutional duty, much to our disappointment, they have preferred to defend and protect their most outrageous inhuman stone age customs.

The Co-Chairman of HRCP has called upon the federal government and provincial government not to turn a blind eye and ensure registration of the case against these murderers, their immediate arrest and prosecution without any further delay, fear or favour. The governments should also ensure that such stone age inhuman and barbaric customs and practices are abolished forthwith.
Source: The Nation

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