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Horrific crimes: Bodies of 2 minor girls found

A six-year-old girl and another 12-year-old girl were raped and strangled to death on Tuesday in Chauhar Jamali in Sujawal district and Sakrand taluka in Nawabshah district, respectively.

The six-year-old girl was abducted on the way back from her uncle’s house in the Jaffer Mannrio village near Chauhar Jamali, a rural town. Hours later, the family began to search for her, finally finding her body dumped in a watercourse passing through a field of sugarcane.

The six-year old, fully drenched in muddy water, bore marks of strangulation on her neck. The police took the body to the rural health centre, Chauhar Jamali, where Dr Shabana Mumtaz, after examining the body, confirmed the parents’ worst fears. “She was raped, strangled and then drowned,” she said.

The doctor stated that her blood samples have been sent for further examination to a laboratory in Karachi.

The girl’s father, in his initial complaint to the police, accused three persons, Ghulami Mannrio, Nathu Mannrio and Sheru Mannrio, according to the SHO. But, the FIR has not been lodged so far. The SHO said the police have raided the residences of the suspects and other known locations that they frequented but have yet to apprehend the three suspects.

In Sakrand, another girl was subjected to similar barbarity. The 12-year-old left her home to visit a shop but she did not return for hours. Her worried parents searched for her along the route leading to the shop and found her body dumped in a cotton field, near a petrol pump.

At the Sakrand taluka hospital, where the police took the body for the postmortem, Dr Sanam Keerio told the bereaved family that their child was raped by more than one person. The girl was also throttled after what appears to be a gang rape.

“We don’t have any enmity. Some animals have done this injustice to my innocent child,” cried her grief-stricken father.

Sakrand police station SHO Abdul Latif said that the family has not lodged an FIR so far, as they are awaiting the postmortem report. He said the police have arrested some suspects but the investigation will only make headway after the police receive a copy of the medical report.

Express Tribune