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Honour killing: Suspicious husband kills wife

SUKKUR: Three men and two women were killed after being accused of karo kari in separate incidents near Sukkur and Jacobabad on Wednesday night.

The first incident occurred in Maula Bux Mastoi village in Kandhra police limits. Sono Mastoi suspected that his 24-year-old wife K was having an affair with R Bugti and his cousin S Bugti. On Wednesday night, Mastoi opened fire at a roadside hotel where R Bugti was sitting, killing him instantly.

Mastoi then went home and shot his wife while she was preparing dinner after which he visited S Bugti’s house, shot him as well, and fled.

The Kandhra police took K’s body to Taluka Hospital, Rohri. R Bugti’s body was taken to Rural Health Centre, Kandhra, while S Bugti was taken to Babarloi hospital. No case was registered till the filing of this report.

Separately, a girl and her alleged boyfriend were shot dead by her cousin in Dargah Masoom Shah in Saddar police limits, Jacobabad.

Eighteen-year-old KL’s cousin, Pir Bux Rind, suspected that she was having an affair with KB Rind. Rind was going to his uncle’s house on Wednesday night, when he saw KL was at the door. He shot her with his pistol and went to KB Rind’s grocery shop, killed him as well and fled. The bodies were taken to a Jacobabad hospital, but no case was immediately registered.

Source: The Express Tribune